Greg Genart – Highway to burnout


Greg worked for many years for international organisations, travelled and worked in Australia, Ecuador, Caribbean, USA, Russia, UK and Europe.
Lots of different cultures BUT when you talk about business organisations,… so many practices are actually very similar!
That is what Gregg laughs about on stage since he turned 40.In the show, Greg laughs about himself mainly, about all the situation he experienced from job interviews where you pretend you know staff you have no idea about, incentives, appraisals, salary increase, boring colleagues,
meetings, brainstorming, marketing launch events, business lunch, harassment, happiness at work, personal live coaching,…. and burnoutYou can come from the business world or not… Greg’s strong faces expressions, caricature of the characters he plays will align everyone from 10 to 82 years old.Many people are re-thinking their life, many businesses are re-thinking their model, the link between company performance and people happiness is more and more obvious.
how to people engaged, working together, understanding the projects and the purpose, breaking sylo’s, rationalise hierarchy, communication between people … and identify the purpose… this show is a great starting point to relax and laugh about the current situation
and laugh about the pitfalls many of us get into.


Doors open : 18h30
Show : 20h00

Please be there at least 15 minutes before the show. Any reservation that arrives later risks being redistributed to avoid empty tables in the room. Placement is free except for groups (3 and more). Some places are on benches and stools so the earlier you come, the better placed you will be.

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