3 in a billion

“3 in a Billion!” is a no-holds-barred comedy show featuring two of India’s funniest comedians, Kashyap Swaroop and Mohit Minhas, who’ve been friends since they were kids growing up in pre-money India. Their material ranges from observational to downright absurd. They come from a culture with a billion people and a billion opinions, and they couldn’t care less about the status quo. They eat outrage for breakfast and discomfort for dessert. The duo cover a wide variety of subjects such as growing up in the brown nation, psychedelic experiences, relationships and furry paws.

The show will also feature an original set by one of India’s most exciting rap talents, Shashwat “The Quixotic” Mishra.

The artists

Mohit Minhas:

Mohit is comedian from Mumbai India who has done shows in Berlin, Mumbai, New York and recently wrote a DM to NASA about putting a show together on the Moo.. Area 51. His comedy is about all the right topics such as the equality of races – which is why he never walks past 100m even in a marathon. Mohit is deeply spiritual about beef burgers.

Link to work –

Kashyap Swaroop:

Legend says that Kashyap Swaroop was a troubled foetus, sometimes confusing his umbilical cord for a noose. A Bombay-boy by birth and filmmaker by coincidence, he has been hitting the stage since 2014. Today, he is proud to say that he is an expert at pop-quizzes. No surprises there.

Link to work –

Shashwat Mishra:

One of India’s most exciting Rap talents, Shashwat “The Quixotic” Mishra has built a cult following with his mind-bending rhymes and vocals as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Buzzfeed India calls him one of India’s top rappers to look out for!

Link to musical work –

Kindly let us know if it would be possible to do the showcase at KOCC.

We’d also love to do the open mic on the 30th of September, if that’s possible.

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Opening of the doors: 6:30 pm
Show at 8:00 pm

We ask you be there at least 15 minutes before the show. Any reservation that arrives later may be redistributed to avoid empty tables in the venue.

The placement is free except for groups of 4 and more. Beware that some of our place are on benches and stools so the sooner you come, the better you will be placed.
Presale: 13 € (purchase costs included)
On the spot: 15 €